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Modular tax software approach

Taxlab is an online tax software system designed for accounting firms and corporates of all sizes. It’s comprehensive, user friendly, and scalable. Use for tax effect accounting, income tax returns, FBT returns, or bring them all together and integrate your entire tax compliance process.

Effortless income tax compliance

Income Tax Compliance

Document and file your company income tax returns quickly and accurately. Work more efficiently with your tax advisor.

Fast tax provision accounting

Tax Provision Accounting

Monthly, periodic and year-end tax provision accounting. Easy to set up, use and maintain.

Accurate FBT returns

FBT Returns

Prepare and document your FBT returns quickly and accurately. Pay less tax, spend less time, reduce the risk.


World-class tax software design

Taxlab is the preferred tax software for New Zealand’s largest and most innovative accounting firms and corporates. Why? Because our world-leading software is designed specifically for the local tax environment. It’s simple to use, accurate, competitively priced, and comes with responsive local helpdesk support. But best of all, it automates tedious admin to free you up to focus on more valuable work.

Significantly reduce preparation time and effort

Use automated data entry, calculations, disclosures and proofs. Eliminate administrative tasks. Document and file corporate income tax and FBT returns fast. Instant updating of moving numbers.

Collaborate securely and efficiently

Enable cloud based collaboration, provide instant visibility, shared learnings, and flexible ways of working. Invite unlimited users from within the organisation. Invite external users such as your external auditor or tax advisor. Work more efficiently with your tax advisor to get the most from their specialist expertise.

Integrate tax provision and tax return processes

Reduce replication, use a single process for tax provision and tax returns. Automate monthly, 6 monthly and annual tax reporting. Share a single process with your tax advisor. Provide tax calculations in the same format they use.

Review, resolve and document issues more quickly

Make checking calculations, disclosures and documentation clear, simple and fast. Remove the need to check bespoke Excel models. Generate comprehensive reporting at the touch of a button. Meet record keeping requirements the easy way.

Increase accuracy, reduce risk

Rely on professionally maintained tax software tailored for complex tax regulations. Use centrally controlled, updated and locked down tax logic. Eliminate Excel, reduce errors and thereby reporting and compliance risk.

Shift your time from data-entry to thinking about tax issues

Use accurate, transparent and consistent tax workpapers that shift the focus from checking numbers to identifying and resolving tax issues.

Future-proof your tax compliance

Keep up to date with legislative change. Taxlab is tailored for complex tax regulations and updated in advance by tax professionals for real-time legislative alignment. Fully compliant and approved by Inland Revenue for offshore record keeping. Future-proof your tax compliance for the inevitability of mandatory e-filing.

Deep tax features and world-class local support

Designed and developed locally specifically for local needs. Benefit from deep tax features and expertise. Receive free specialised fast and friendly local helpdesk support. Talk with the design and development team whenever you need to.

Implement, use and maintain with ease

Set up computations in-house quickly and easily (or use a certified Taxlab implementation partner). No custom work-papers to build or maintain. Constantly optimised by our team via the cloud, based on user feedback – so it’s always up to date. No installation, updates or downloads to deal with, no work for your IT team.

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How our tax software is different

Ease of use, rapid product development, outstanding local helpdesk support and a deep understanding of tax make Taxlab different.

As the pace of change accelerates, and companies move more rapidly than ever before, your tax processes must continue to be agile and efficient in order to keep up. That’s where we come in. We are passionate product people, not sales people. You will speak directly with our design and development team whenever you need to and you will influence new features. We design for easy setup and our helpdesk support is legendary. With Taxlab, you can reduce risk and increase speed and accuracy, to finally rise above the tyranny of tax admin!

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