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The Easy Way to Minimise FBT and Compliance Costs

Prepare and document your FBT returns quickly and accurately. Built in optimisation logic, sense checks, audit trail features and review functionality. Pay less tax, spend less time, reduce the risk.

Taxlab FBT Software

Fast and Accurate

Rely on professionally maintained tax software tailored for complex tax regulations. Use centrally controlled, updated and locked down tax logic. Eliminate reliance on Excel and reduce errors and risks in reporting and compliance.

Automated Tax Savings

Minimise your cash FBT liability by fully applying the employee attribution, pooling and de minimis rules. Taxlab automates calculations and optimises tax. Eliminate spreadsheet errors and be confident that you are compliant. Taxlab is maintained by professional FBT experts.

World-class Support

Designed and developed in specifically for local corporates and accounting firms. Benefit from deep tax features and expertise. Receive free specialised fast and friendly local helpdesk support. Talk with the design and development team whenever you need to.

Tax software features

Easy to Use with Comprehensive Features

Taxlab FBT software handles the largest employers as well as the smallest. It is easy to learn and to use and covers all benefit types and return types. Tax is calculated quickly and accurately with fully documented returns at the touch of a button.


Quarterly and annual
Full year true-up
Attribution and pooling optimisation
De minimis exemption
Custom benefit types
Zero rated and mixed rate GST
GST apportionment
Easy importing

Motor Vehicles

Allocated vehicles
Pool vehicles
Cost, TBV and exempt methods
Driver changes
Driver analytics
Vehicle analytics


Audit reports
Cost centre tracking
Benefit comparisons
Sense checks
Excel import/export

Review and Return

Unlimited users
Online review
Lock payroll by user
IR420, IR421, IR422, eFBT

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